About Us

Salata Farms is a local, family run urban farm. We specialize in hand delivering fresh, organic microgreens to restaurants, caterers, and homes.

We Are Centered Around Continuous Improvement

Complacency is not something we excel in. We are constantly growing and experimenting with new products and methods. We enjoy challenging ourselves to become better, more efficient and productive. 

Our Company

Salata Farms was created by a desire to get back to things we love. Working together to help things grow. We had become lost in the city working shuffle; long commutes, longer hours and busy schedules. We wanted to start a company that would allow us to help both our family, and the community we love and live in.

How We Grow

Our microgreens are organically grown using no fertilizers or pesticides. We grow indoors, in a climate controlled environment where temperature, humidity and light are monitored 24/7. This allows us to grow a consistent crop year round. Each crop is grown based on its own “black out” and “under the light” schedules. These schedules are coordinated enabling us to harvest all crops on the same day we deliver.

Our Team

Blake Salata


Jennifer Salata


Our Family

Our amazing kids, Isaac and Addison love showing our grow room off to friends and family. We also have two great dogs; Silo, a heeler mix, and Kora, a golden retriever.